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Eat Great Food. Help Great People.

Giving Back

It's our favorite ingredient

Kyle's Kitchen is a socially responsible business that supports organizations and initiatives dedicated to improving the lives of people with special needs living in our community.


Kyle's restaurant was inspired by our own beloved Kyle — a special needs boy who enjoys eating great burgers, hearty salads, and who especially adores meeting new people.

As entrepreneurs, we wanted to create a business that could also help people with special needs reach their potential.


Which is why philanthropy and community service is baked into Kyle's Kitchen business model.


Each month, we donate to an organization that supports people with special needs.

When you eat at Kyle's Kitchen you're supporting the Special Needs community.

$200,000 in donations and counting…

Kyle's Kitchen has donated over $200,000 to support special needs organizations throughout our community.


But we're never finished.


By having your next meal at Kyle's Kitchen you can help support and empower people with special needs and their families.  


Eat great food. Help great people.

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We've worked with over 30 great local special needs partners

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COVID-19 has taken its toll on everyone, but for families who have members with special needs, the challenges are even more difficult.

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People with special needs often have compromised immune systems so there's a greater chance of getting sick.

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Regular support services that give children much-needed structure and care have been canceled or reduced.

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Parents have had to reduce or quit work to care for their special needs children during the crisis.

 We understand this struggle first hand

Which is why we're helping to feed 5,000 family members with special needs children and adults in their household.

We're on a mission to help feed special needs families who are dealing with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Do you know a special needs family who could use a free meal from Kyle's to make their lives a little easier right now?

Recommend them via the link below. There is no "qualification," except having a special needs child or adult in the household.  Those most in need can receive multiple meals.  Applying for your own family is encouraged.


You Donated $20,000 and We're Matching It

Everybody Wins with Sustainable Giving

When Kyle's Kitchen matches your donation, all stakeholders benefit.

Special needs families receive the meals
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